Although it is referenced throughout cultural stories, religious verses and mainstream works, very few web archives review the diversity and significance of moth symbolism throughout conscious thought. Mothsymbolism.com is the definitive guide for everything you need to know about what moths symbolise, reviewing this in depth across a range of religions, cultures and eras.

Why Moth Symbolism?


Moths are an insect that, admittedly, used to scare the living daylights out of me. I would absolutely hate opening any kind of cupboard in fear of a giant moth flying out, and although I knew they were harmless there was just something so unwelcoming about their appearance and demeanor.


This changed significant as I was introduced to Tiger Moths, to which I immediately fell in love with their patterns and color scheme. It was a fascinating creature, one which had the beauty of the butterfly if not in a slightly different manner: bold contrasting colours and a more humble wingspan.


As I continued through adolescence I continued to be fascinated by not only the behaviors of a moth, but also how they were symbolised in writings. I was then fascinated to discover that this often changed between cultures aswell, with moths representing anything from death to humor.


I began researching moth symbolism through a range of books acquired from my university library, in addition to countless online works. It was astounding – I had found well over a hundred different concepts that could be symbolised by these fascinating insects.


Ultimately, this website serves as an insight into what moths represent from a metaphorical perspective, in addition to the context behind this. We cover a range of cultures, texts and moth species to get there, many of which have never been previously documented online.


I hope mothsymbolism.com further extends your appreciation for an animal at the very peak of ambiguity.