Black Moths Are a Sign of What?

After reviewing white moth symbolism, we thought it was appropriate to determine how many varies between the different colors of moths.

While white moths exhibited almost ethereal characteristics, the black moth is hampered by negative and morbid connotations.

Here we observe the meaning of black moths versus their more lightly coloured relatives.

Symbol of Death

We’ve often discussed how moths are a bad omen, however it is more closely associated with black moths. In many western cultures the appearance of a black moth in ones house is a symbol of death for its inhabitants. Some sort of superstition!

This is considered reversible however, with the death of the black moth by an inhabitant or other causes seemingly dispelling this ill-wishing.

Moths and the Color Black

Black has various spiritual meanings. As a combination of all other colors it is commonly associated with the unknown, reaffirming the mystery of black moths. As a color that limits our senses and perception, black leaves you unsure of what the future holds.

We also often see black associated with mourning. It has long been the appropriate color to wear at funerals and times of mourning within western cultures.

Passed Loved Ones

We discussed white moths as being carriers of souls in a previous post, however the same seems to apply to black moths. It is often common to see a black moth after losing a loved one, symbolising both mourning but also their presence within us.

This is reaffirmed in Jonathan Malberry’s book ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, where his appendix mentions that “a big black moth in the house means a deceased one is just visiting reincarnated through that moth”.

What to Do if you See a Black Moth

First off – don’t immediately assume death! There are many explanations for an encounter with a black moth, and each is going to be specific to your own situation.

Think about recent life events: has anything significant happened that you can relate this to? Perhaps the recent passing of a friend or relative? The possibilities are numerous.

Avoid treating the encounter with assuredness on any one meaning. With black being the color of the unknown this moth’s symbolism could relate to something that becomes more obvious at a later stage..

10 thoughts on “Black Moths Are a Sign of What?”

  1. You say white moths and black moths but I’m curious if u have ever thought of anything about the combination of white and black moths cause this moth is both black and white and we’ve had lots of them lately and I was curious if u have a meaning for them

  2. I have a huge moth in my house right now and its been there for like the whole night. It is black and it has a white line on each wing I don’t know what does it mean.. please guide me

  3. hi Kiara
    Did you work out what the moth meant for you? I have the same thing….a black moth on my wall all night….still there. And a few days ago a black moth fluttered around and briefly landed on my nose!….
    so wondering what it might mean….and what it meant for you…..if anything?

  4. I too was curious about a black moth with only the tips of its wings being white my curiosity comes to me because about an hour before that I’d seen a black bird with one white tail feather

  5. I am aware of the moth it does fit the description above in my experience a positive close friend visiting to positively affirm the mutual appreciation of the friendship shared and a way to assure me that he bear witness to my morning and the love I had for the close friend that passed in sudden and terrible unforeseen circumstances less than 4 weeks ago.. The story of David Watson and reincarnation is looking to be an integral part of a related doctorate being submitted in the esoteric sciences division of a leading educational institution as we speak…
    B.P 2016

  6. I had one in my home, disturbing, never seen or heard of them. This one was solid black and seemed to seek my attention . Came directly toward me as I was making my morning coffee. I ducked and walked to the back door , it followed and exited when I opened the door. Weird thing, I thought, later I called a friend out of town, no answer, she called later and informed me her mother passed away that night, A messege , for sure., I did not understand until now.

  7. I immediately had to look up whether black moths had a significant meaning for i just walked into my bathroom and 4 black moths had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Very intrigued.

  8. I am not superstitious. I live in the city & has never had moth in my compound or my house until my mum passed away. 1 moth came to my front porch & another in my back washing area. I was startled on seeing both. I still miss my mum after all these years. Lately a moth visited my front porch again & stayed until the next day. I don’t know if there is any spiritual connections but i can’t help but feel my mum’s presence when i see one.

  9. I recently have had several very large black moth encounters in my home. My bedroom is connected to my back yard. I have lived by the beach my whole life and have never seen these moths before until recently so I started looking into this on the Internet and see that the only thing is that this is a bad omen. As soon as the sun goes down they fly by room I have mistaken them for bats or birds. At night I will get woken up with the sound of them hitting the ceiling. When I get rid of one another comes . They always try to go to the bedroom door that leads to the hallway. I have a room mate maybe its for him ? Is this bad if I see them every night ? Is it ok that I shue them away ?

  10. For two nights i have had a black moth in my living-room on the wall. It moves to different spots and it seems to only get my attention. I dont have anyone in my family that has passed away. But when I am alone I do feel a shift in my energy. Its very overwhelming to me when the shift happens. I wish i knew more on this type of study.

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