Infographic: What Did That Moth Mean?

To give our readers a quick visual idea of what a recent appearance could relate to, we’ve put together a super quick infographic that details 6 of the most common concepts moths represent.


moth meanings infographic


Looking for a bit more depth on any of these concepts? Our in-depth guide to moth symbolism will ensure that you’ve got more clarity on what is going on. In case you’re wondering, here are the questions we commonly deal with around this infographic.


How does this differ between moth species?

The majority of symbolic meanings surrounding moths transcend species, although there are some exceptions. One of these is the luna moth, whose unique characteristics mean it’s often treated with differing connotations.


Does the color of the moth matter?

Somewhat, as colors attract different interpretations from a spiritual perspective. We recommend reviewing our guide on white moths to get a feel for the impact color plays in any encounter.


Is killing a moth bad luck?

This has been touched on in several of our guides, and it often a topic of debate when the situation presents itself to us. From a superstitious perspective, it is very much considered bad luck to kill a moth, namely because they are said to carry to soul of an important person in our life. Killing a moth is also associated with death and incurable sickness.


In saying this, I recently killed a moth unintentionally that was lurking in my wardrobe. Touch wood it doesn’t bring me harm!

One thought on “Infographic: What Did That Moth Mean?”

  1. So for the longest of times, I have always been petrified of moths of all colours and sizes. No matter where I go, I always find a moth within the same room or surrounding as me. This morning I was awoken twice from suddenly dreaming about a moth. It happened to be a dark grey moth. Can anyone please let me know what that means. Thanks all

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