Moth Tattoos and their Meaning

A quick search on the internet and it becomes very apparent how prevalent moth tattoos have become. And although the reason behind the tattoo will vary between the individual there are some undoubtedly common themes throughout.

Moth tattoos can represent a number of themes, including new life, faith and sensitivity. We’ll look at these themes in depth to determine what compels thousands of individuals to get moth body art.


If you ask any tattoo artist they’ll all too readily tell you that butterfly tattoos are common. Almost a little too common. And while the butterfly and moth both represent very common themes there are some clear distinctions that fuel the reasoning for a moth tattoo.

One of the main considerations here is the imperfections moths represent. Butterflies are always seen to be such a perfect creature with an optimistic meaning attached to it. The darker connotations associated with moths means that they are commonly used to represent that change is necessary with life, but not always perfect.

Ceasing the day

We only live one life, we need to make the most of it. As we’ve mentioned when observing luna moth symbolism these insects emphasise the finite nature of life. Moths (particularly the luna moth) have a short lifespan and live their lives purely to reproduce. In the case of the luna moth, they don’t even eat!

Having a moth tattoo serves as timely reminder that we need to make the most of our short time on this earth!

Moth tattoos could represent faith

Tattoos of a moth often have a religious meaning. Moths live their life constantly pursuing the light of the moon, of which they are eternally attracted to. As a result of this, they have always been seen as somewhat of a spiritual symbol.

Just as the moth unquestionably seeks the light a moth tattoo serves as a reminder that we should also keep loayl to our faith, even in the darker times. There’s always light at another point of our journey.

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