What Do Moths Symbolise in Dreams?

Moths in dreams are a common occurrence, and often cause a great deal of confusion for those who encounter this. It’s hard enough to remember dreams as it is, how is it possible that i remember something as insignificant as a moth.

Moths symbolism in dreams can be diverse, and to pinpoint the exact meaning context is key. We’ve written this guide to provide a definitive insight into moth symbolism in dreams, touching on a range of concepts and including relevant examples.

Moths in Dreams Could Mean Interference

The presence of a moth in your dream may represent something or someone that is getting in your way. This is usually common when you are annoyed with how someone is interfering in your life, and having too much of an influence on your ability to live.

The moth may also be symbolising an interference in your life that you are unable to control and have to tackle head on. For example, it is common to see a moth after losing a love one, and having to arrange for a funeral. You are forced to change your life to accomodate this, even though it is an unwelcome burden.


Dream interpreters often consider moths to represent a personal weakness when appearing in one’s dream.

This ties back to the self-destructive nature of the moth, who as we found when reviewing common concepts has a fixated attraction to lunar energy and light. For this reason, it is commonly thought that moths can represent a transient side to an individual’s demeanor.


Moths often represent self-doubt in dreams, highlighting an individual’s mistrust in someone or those close to them. This is often interpreted as the meaning when moths annoy us in our dreams, flying in our personal space or landing on our person.

As we learnt in moths spiritual meanings, the moth may be telling us to avoid overthinking and go with our intuition. Moths may resemble uncertainty but this should serve as a timely reminder to go with your instincts.

Moths in Milk?!

In the Chinese resource Zhuogong’s Dream Dictionary, there is an interpretation specifically about moths falling into a milk.

This is likely to occur after feeling low and depressed about a financial strain, usually through bankruptcy or an unsuccessful business venture.

The presence of a moth in milk should serve as encouragement for perseverance and to continue striving for your dreams. Cheer up and keep pursuing!

Have you had a moth in your dream? How did it appear, and what was the context? Please comment below and we’ll look into this for you.


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    1. I had a bunch of violet or purple moths in my dream swarming around a purple light my attention was fixated on the moths then before I knew it I was in a school cafeteria but I haven’t ate lunch yet but if I did eat my lunch my teacher would’ve been mad this school setting is appropriate seeing how I’m going into school next week but purple moths swarming around a purple light I honestly don’t know what this means and from what I’ve read online it seems like it could be multiple things I’m so confuuuused. (/+-+)/

      1. I saw a black scaly moth in my dream and every time it landed on me then disappeared and I could hear it flutter away every time

  1. Hello,

    I had a white butterfly land on my arm in a dream. After its was there for a few minutes it started to disintegrate.

  2. My cat chased a very large beautiful moth toward me. I saved it from her claws but later found she had gone back to it and killed it.

  3. I recently had a dream of two incredibly large moths sat on to of each other, then breaking apart flying around and attacking me.

  4. I dreamt a very large moth invaded my space, clinging to everything, and started trying to weave moth balls on my clothing. When I tried to remove it, it bit me with a pincher like mouth (although I know they don’t have that). I ended up trying to kill it. I put it in a bucket and drowned it with very hot water. Only it didn’t die. It lost its wings and continued to move around under the water.

    1. I had something like that although I’m the daughter in that situation and they were all over my room but alive

  5. Hello, I dreamt about a talking moth. I considered him a good friend and kept him close to protect him however my partner and I were making our bed when he saw the moth and started swatting him away. I managed to stop my partner but the moth had lost all the dust off one of its wings and was dying. The moth told me not to worry and that it was ok. I was profoundly upset by this and cried in the dreamed I was cleaning up all the greenery I had made for him to live in. I still felt the sadness when I woke. I’ve never dreamt about moths before so thought this was very odd!

  6. I dreamt I saw a giant fluffy moth inside a building. Took it outside to release. When I threw it up in the air, it just fell, stumbled and rolled into a nearby river. I freaked out and ran to see where in the water the moth fell…It moved a bit but then started to drown. I jumped into the water to pull it out, but the water got merky, from disturbance, and i could not see it. I got back up on the shore and a few seconds later I saw it floating underwater (clear water). I was able to grab it. Then I started to blow air inside it and smacked it a few times – suddenly it came back to life. I think on the end it turned into a person with strange eyes….i woke up around that moment, therefore not sure. I have never dreamt of a moth b4…but saving a moth twice…is totally strange dream.

  7. A gray moth in a dream can symbolize that you’re upset with or irritated by someone or something and you may not have even realized just how upset you were until the situation was over. Moths can also represent feelings of weakness in being able to handle important issues or difficult people in your life. That means you will have good luck, whether its money or a husband or whatever, you will receive good lucky, but only as long as the moth is still there

  8. Hi there! So I had this dream where this moth, who started out as only slightly big, messed with my dreams. It nestled itself within our ceiling. It kept giving me good dreams until I’ve realised that there were too many fallacies and impossible things happening. As it kept feeding on my fake happiness, it got bigger and dirtier. I pointed out to my (in the dream) friends that these things around me were all not real. The moth turned from its nest and started to attack me. My friend told me that I had to kill it if I wanted to get out. I slashed the moth in half with a giant fountain pen, and a giant red(?) ball came out of it. My friends congratulated me, but while I was happy about it, they suddenly said none of this, not even they were real. Them they and everything else slowly turned into worms or larvae, even the ceiling. The worms fell to the floor and slowly crawled away to the darkness. Then I woke up. Any interpretations please?

  9. I dreamed that a Goddess was seated at the head of a table surrounded by me and several other people, random strangers and she chose me to send a Luna moth to. At the same time I had to “call it”. It landed on my hand and it was huge, twice the size of my hand. The Goddess then told me that I had to sacrifice an Earthworm and arrange a “circle” for a wedding ceremony. I was instructed to make this circle using four pieces of furniture in a certain manner, square, and the people would round it out at the four corners.

  10. I was dreaming i was at school, when suddenly i was surrounded my moths flying everywhere in the air around me. They scratched and tickled my skin, it was peaceful but also scary. There were other people there watching horrified as it happened. We were all outside on the school track during gym. I was talking with a friend when i noticed just a few at first, but then there where so many i couldnt see past them.

  11. Hello.
    I woke up very early this morning thinking about this dream I had and need to know what it means. I dreamed of huge white beautiful moth wings I was supposed to wear to fly.
    But aware of the owl that was nearby watching and waiting for the opportunity to hunt the great moth wings. So I was reluntant in fear of the owl. There was another great moth that obviously had experience with owl and camouflaged himself so owl couldn’t see him but that moth had to stay like that forever. I still became great moth in desire to fly and that moment I became great moth. I flew among trees half blind And feared the owl but I got away. Owls can mean good in dreams so I wondered about this dream. Thank you. God bless.

  12. I had a long dream part of it had a lot of moths with red furry backs fluttering around a lobby of a building and it was annoying. The dream says moths symbolize interfering or annoying people and the night before i had a visit from a friend who came back after long months and he was being annoying also ive had thoughts and memories that i dont want because its negative but maybe i should try to reconcile as ive let myself hold grudges about this before

  13. In my dream, I saw a giant rainbow moth with no legs land in front of me on the ground. I looked down at it and it fly upward then landed again. I helped it up a couple times. The last time I helped, it flew towards a house and disappeared. What does it mean?

  14. It was a moth that was very detailed and intricate almost as if the wings were made of lace. The moth was larger then my hand. It flew behind the curtain on the window and the moon was shining on the Other side of the window that made the moths silhouette through the curtain.

  15. the scenario goes: I am just seated and everybody was going restless about a moth flying around. I have read somewhere that when you are actually dwelling on the feeling that you’re scared, it gives out pheromones that attract the vector more. So, I remained calm and you know it was a huge moth. And it was somehow flapping in slow motion that I could actually see how the colors are Picasso like drawn to the wing. The details were so precise but it’s all in brown I almost thought it was beautiful until it splatted on my head so strong I went blank. I saw white light and that’s it. It was not that huge though just like the size of your palm. But it was eeky. Except when I got overwhelmed with the blending colors of the wing you know? Anyway, as I read about it, it’s so interesting to finally know what it means. Actually, it is so right!

  16. In my dream my cousin was trying to fish with the large green moth and I got it from him and held it in my hands and felt like the moth was at peace and I told my cousin to go dig some worms and fish with worms and then I let the moth go

  17. This morning I dreamed I had a small black moth tattooed on my left thigh and the room I was in also had a large moth carving high on the wall towards the ceiling which was also black… Interesting.

  18. I saw a butterfly and a moth in my bedroom, I felt really scared and I tried to make them leave through my door but I ended up ripping off the wings of the moth so it walked out of my room while the butterfly left by choice.

  19. I was skiing down a mountain when suddenly I noticed a giant moth in front of me. When I skiied towards it, the moth opened its wings wide, blocking my path. I tried to ski around the moth but suddenly it became airborne and engulfed me in its wings. The second I touched the moth body, the moth and I both burst in into flame. Out of the ashes, many tiny moths were reborn and flew up into the sky in a giant black cloud. I’ve never dreamed of moths before so I have no idea what this means. Can someone please help me interpret my dream? I read somewhere that a cloud of moths means that I will die in 7 days and I am very scared. I dreamed of the moths 3 days ago. Am I going to die?!?!?!?!?!

  20. I went back to Secondary School, which I have finished already in real life. I saw about 5 of my old friends who I don’t speak to anymore, and there was this giant Moth up against the wall, it tried to attack me, then I woke up.

  21. The night before the was a moth in my dream.it was on the curtains above my head where i slept.i thought to my self as i awoke in the dream that i should remove it…but it seemed to be observing me..i left the room and forgot this dream almost…before i awoke.the next night in the same place was a moth abouta foot big in sam place…but had a snow white tail like a fox..i reached towerds it it begain to glow a blue color withen it..started to freak out..i moved my hand back and forth the tsil followed..after i decided not to kill it…becuse it was freaking me out..the glow subsided a bit.then the tail rekaxed and cured back and forth like a dog waging its tail slowly….wth does this possible mean?ty for your time…wonder what ill see tonight 3rd night.

  22. I dreamt that a moth was removed from my ear which was so uncomfortable for me before it was removed. What does it mean please?

  23. I had a dream that a large black moth “attacked” me in the shower. It wasn’t really so much an attack, I just hate insects. I was showering and saw the moth outside the shower curtain. I just hoped it wouldn’t bother me but then I went to rinse my shampoo and felt it on my head, I freaked and then it clung to my eyelid and I couldn’t get it off… I was panicking so badly that I woke up.

  24. There were thousands of white moths in my street and many bear my house some were trying to get in. I would push them away and close the door..i wasn’t scared I was doing this as I’m laughing being so astonished with the amount of them.

  25. In my dream a moth was flying or touching my face and it felt so real I actually woke up when it started flapping its wings on my face. I woke up in confusion also I checked the time it was 4 and I went to sleep at 12. Also my brother woke up too. (we are twins), but I didnt ask what he woke up from because I thought he wouldnt tell me.

  26. I had a dream where I woke up and the entire ceiling was covered with moths. They were not attacking me but they were multiplying and invading all the space in the bedroom. I just ran out of the bedroom.

  27. I had a dream that a big moth attacked me. In my dream i was having trust issues with my boyfriend about where he was going and lying to me about it. But a few months back i know he also cheated on me.

  28. Hello,

    I dreamt that I was lying down on my bed and watching the ceiling.

    Then a moth’s shadow is projected from the edge of the ceiling light.

    I never get to see the moth. Just it’s shadow.

    What does it mean?

  29. i keep having dreams of a bunch of white moths in my house and some are huge and others are small and there is so many of them just swarming around and it makes me so uncomfortable.

  30. I had a dream, maybe about 2 nights ago, about a moth. I’m not sure much what this moth was doing, but all I remember is it was a giant brown moth, flying in front of me. It was just….hovering in place, I guess. I remember I faintly started to feel myself get frustrated or annoyed, as whereever I would try to look, my movement was very slow, and the moth just stayed in the middle of wherever I was trying to look around my room. Then, either I woke up, or just had another dream, but after that, I felt stressed if I rmemever correctly, and depressed from that one dream. It was weird. I felt like somebody was behind me as I laid there…I would love an explanation for this. Thank you!

  31. I had a dream that I was waking up and heard fluttering around my room. I looked and saw something large and thought it was a bat, but noticed there were more than one. It was all over my bedroom ceiling and walls and even near the door. I don’t know if it was a moth but the idea of a moth came to me in my dream but the moth was as big as a bat. Some of them were small but most were big like a bat. I was afraid to leave my room and covered myself up again but then Managed the courage to leave my room.

  32. I dreamt of something in my eye. When I finally got out what was irritating in my eye it was a brown moth!! Not sure what this means!

  33. In my dream, I was on a Playground in the middle of the day, and I met a girl amd we became friends. While playing on the playground a Tolype Moth flew over amd landed on my finger, it was clinging very tightly and I could feel a tight pressure on my finger. She called it a Pterodactyl moth and after that I went to the edge of the playset and pushed it off my finger. It didn’t fly, it just fell, I ran down to see if it was okay. It was stuck on it’s side and flapping it’s wings, but not moving it’s legs. I grabbed a stick and had it climb on. After I picked it up, I woke up. Can anyone explain?

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