What Does it Mean When a Butterfly Lands on You?

When a butterfly lands on you – think of your inner spirit! From the Aztecs to the Celts, the butterfly has always been a representation of our spiritual side. The Greeks went a step further than this, and actually use the same word (psyche) for both the butterfly and the soul.

With such a connection to spirituality, is every interpretation of a butterfly landing on you positive? We’ve created this guide to explore the symbolism behind this special moment.


Native Americans believe that butterflies bring dreams, and that having one land on you will bring dreams to your sleep. They believed a butterfly to be a way of greater powers communicating with us.

This is commonly seen among Blackfoot Indians of Northwest America. The Blackfoot Indians would use a butterfly in paintings to notify travellers that the messages of their paintings were inspired by the Great Spirit. This symbol meant the painter’s body was encompassed by the spirit, and meant it held profound significance.


Transformation is prominent throughout the life of a butterfly. We can see it undertake a metamorphosis to become a beautiful, free spirited member of Earth. Could a butterfly landing on you symbolize imminent change?

We should always be wary that what doesn’t change becomes lethargic and still. As we see with the butterfly, change could result in significant joy, despite initial hardships.


Personally speaking, I always feel a sense of joy whenever a butterfly lands on or near me. It fills me a warmth of connecting with a creature that is gifted such a short life on this earth.

Many cultures also believe that a butterfly encounter brings joy, and have always treated it as a beautiful omen. It does not have the strong purposes we see in other insects such as the moth or bee, rather flutters around enjoying everything life has to offer. Don’t treat a butterfly with apprehension, embrace its presence and you will find its joy is contagious!

Your Soul

The Aztecs believed that the last breath of a dying human took the form of a butterfly. They weren’t alone here, with similar sentiments seen in Chinese, Celtic and Greek culture just to name a few.

Most cultures believe the butterfly, like the moth, represents the soul of a deceased loved one. When a butterfly lands on you it’s worth considering the context – who could be trying to communicate with you from the spiritual world? Are they trying to protect you from something?

You can read more on lepidoptera and the soul in our post on symbolic meanings.

Still trying to work out what it means to have a butterfly land on you? Comment below and we’ll see what we can do!


53 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When a Butterfly Lands on You?”

  1. Butterflies moths come to me… also chipmunks… I go hiking and this huge yellow butterfly comes flying and I put my finger and she landed on my finger. Im glad that there was people watching because I tell others and they think Im crazy.

    1. A yellow/black butterfly w/4 stripes after flying around me, landed on my head and stayed there, a friend took a picture of this @ a picnic in a park

      I felt so calm

  2. I went out side on the steps to sit and chat on the phone and the next thing I know this butterfly flew down and landed on my head then flew off then came back and landed on my shoulder, then it just keep circling me over my head at one point coming right at my face. It was so neat!

    1. Omg I was sitting outside and all of a sudden a butterfly landed on my head and it gave me the chills and kept comeing back lol what does it mean? Sherri lepre

  3. I was headed to cycle and before I took off down the trail path a brown butterfly landed on my arm and stayed there for minutes I took out my cell and took pic of this moth on me.. I was stunned it stayed so long ..

  4. I was recently on my deck crying out to our Lord and praying and several butterflies landed on me and flew away then kept coming back and landing on me! It was most peaceful feeling like the confirmation my prayers were heard! They continued to hang out there for a few days too! God bless!!!

      1. What does it mean when one lands on your stomach? An orange/black/yellow/brown butterfly landed and hung out on my stomach for a few minutes and kept flying around me trying to land on it again until it finally went away.

  5. I was sitting out side on Sunday 7/31/16. A beautiful black colorful Butterfly landed on me and stayed for about 20 minutes. I went inside the house and it stayed lit on my chest. When I went to the bathroom it flew off me. I caught it on the window and open the door and it flew away. Can you tell me what it means. I did dream of my dead sister that night. Thanks

  6. I visited my dad’s grave 2 weeks ago. I never go because I speak to him daily and don’t feel the need to go where his earthly body lies. When I visited him I asked him to please let me know that he is always with me. For the past week every time I sit on my porch the same butterfly comes and lands on me and hangs out. If he flies away he comes back a few minutes later. I know it’s my dad showing me that he is always with me.

  7. A beautiful peacock butterfly flew onto my blouse it was a wonderful feeling.
    Two days later having been in the garden earllier I saw an other one in my living room.
    That upset me I dont why..

  8. I went out side at work yo smoke a cigarette and a big brown and black butterfly landed on my face then went and landed on 1 of our limos and just sat there

  9. I was outside on my patio today feeling the wonderful mountain air and working on a piece of art, when a Monarch butterfly landed on my wrist. I felt pure joy!! And thanked the butterfly for the special visit. It stayed awhile flapping its wings and turning so I could a full view of its wing span. I was also able to video a few moments, how wonderful!!

  10. My Husband and I were discussing not being able to find a home in the are to rent. While we were sitting there a butterfly landed on the picnic table right next to my hand. What is the meaning of that?

  11. As I walked outside of my building where I presently stay a beautiful ( I’ve never seen an ugly) butterfly, Black with Gold Trimmed and Speckled landed on my Right Shoulder. I didn’t see it at first. Then the person that I was talking with brought it to my attention… When I looked the second time and saw it, it flew away as I was moving down the steps. Yes, I felt a loss for Truly inside wished that it would have stayed right there in my shoulder… If repeated too many times I may deny all knowledge of the events just reported because I am supposed to be strong and not wishy washy sensitive… Bah Humbug!!! TELL DA WORLD !!! ☺

  12. I’m at a job site this butter fly kelpt landing on me yesterday I didn’t think much about until I came back today & the same butterfly came back what does this mean??

    1. If the same butterfly comes back to you it means that you angels are near and they will always protect you. angel send signs every day your angel is telling you that change is coming or it is a sign from a deaceased loved one telling that good luck is on its way.

  13. Yesterday I picked up my father remains from the funeral home. I exited my car with his remains in one hand and some items to be disposed of in the other hand. It was trash pick up day, so I proceeded to the trash receptacle located at the end of my yard to pull the emptied bin closer to the house and to throw away the trash I had removed from my car. Out of nowhere a brown butterfly landed on the box where his remains were. I know it was my father! The butterfly remained on the box until I stepped upon the first step to enter into my house. What an encounter!!

  14. Granted I was in the butterfly feeding room at the fair and there were butterflies all around, I will give you that. They were Monarch butterflies and one landed on my head shortly after I entered the room. The butterfly stayed with me until we decided to leave and give someone else a chance. Is this significant? My sister passed away in February and I kiss her every day!

  15. I had a butterfly land on me and it kept coming back even after I waved my hand to Shue it away even what could this mean?? -Lori-

  16. I had a dream years Ago where avid called me a butterfly…so I’ve always used the alias as evidenced by my email…Today a small butterfly landed on my hand as I was leaving church and getting into my car…I knew it meant something but not sure what just yet…

  17. The other day and tiny black and orange butterfly landed on my five year old daughter’s shoulder, stayed quite a few minutes. Fluttered around a bit and came back to her two more times. Then it went onto my seven year old son, then on my husband’s ear, and finally my ear. The only one it didn’t land on, was my two year old (the butterfly probably knew he wouldn’t be very gentle). It was so odd that it stuck around so long and visited everyone, really gave me a sense that something special was happening.

  18. Hello my name is Esmeralda I’m 16 years old and I connected with a butterfly. I was running around 7am at a park and then out of no where all I see is butterflies. But one special beautiful neon I guess butterfly talked to me. Saying ” hey it’d me grandpa just know it’s going to be alright and your okay just keep going” I started to cry because my grandpa is so special to me. I was running and crying I couldn’t breathe and to this day ever day I see my grandpa. He was white in June and now neon green since August. I always loved butterflys. I also see monarchs that I can touch while their nectaring. And two beautiful white butterflys were flying pass me and two beautiful monarchs were dancing and flying around me. It’s so beautiful.

  19. I was in a McDonald’s drive thru today. When I rolled the window down to place my order,a blue and black butterfly quietly and gently landed on my forearm. It immediately made me happy. Then I wondered if God was perhaps giving me a sign? I’ve been experiencing some inner issues. And my son and daughter in law are expecting a baby any day. Any insight would be most welcomed.

  20. I was also outside having a cigarette, crying and missing my Father, who had just passed away a month or so ago and this beautiful black, gold and silver butterfly landed on the hand holding the cigarette, so I moved it slowly to the other hand, which it sit and let me see it’s beautiful colors and it did give me much peace and comfort. It was like Dad was coming to see me and comfort me that he was just fine and didn’t want me to remain sad about losing him here on earth. Because I already had a incredible visit from him the same night of the early morning that he passed away, but I didn’t get to see him the last week he was alive!
    I k it’s my dad’s spirit letting me know that’s everything is fine! More than fine, great actually!
    God bless !!!

  21. I had a long confrontation conversation with my estranged husband and as I was listening to him rant, a butterfly came and landed on my fingers and stayed there for awhile. It just flew away after. One week later my husband committed suicide. I was looking for some kind of meaning in all this because that was the last time I ever saw him.

  22. Was playing music with my band mate’s and a tiger swallowtail came fluttered in front of one band mate then landed on top of my head which I was wearing a tiger colored bandana. It then flew over to my other bandmates and fluttered around them before flying off.

  23. My wife whom i magically adored, recently and prematurely died at an early age, and the feeling of being alone in this crazy world had severely overtaken me as I had no one else. As I said on my deck praying and asking for guidance about a close female friend and the possibilities thereof, in October, a noticeably cold month, a big beautiful monarch butterfly started hovering around me and landed on my hand. I asked it, what it was doing flying around in this crazy cold weather. It just walked around on my hand and allowed me to reach into my pocket and pull out my cell phone to take several pictures of it, then, after a while, it started flying around me several times before flying away. Suddenly, peace and clarity came into my soul as had never been there before. I googled the meaning of this and came across several pages of info. This page being one of them. It seems to be saying that, my wife whom died is ok, that I will be ok, and that everything will be fine and I will not be alone.

  24. I have been having medical problems and about a month ago I had a black butterfly with beautiful light blue lines on the wings!” What was it doing it visited about 2 whole minutes then flew away when I went to bring it to my heart!?”

  25. I have been recently having health issues and had a black butterfly with light blue on its wings stayed for about 2 mins and as I went to bring it to my heart it flew off!”

  26. My cat died and I was devastated, a week or so later I was sitting outside and a red admiral landed on my knee, I even got pics, I’ve no doubt it was her spirit some way telling me it would be alright

  27. Today is 11-12-2016 & its my birthday and im at a body massaging place and i got outside to talk on the phone and a butterfly lands on my hand

  28. Butterfly landed on my center of breast and stays an hour and more. My dad past last September13. And now its November 27 been 3 mos

  29. March 30 2017 around 6:30 pm i was trying to on the aircondition in my room and then brown small butterfly landed on my hands what is that mean ?

  30. I had a butterfly, lady bird and a Money spider on me on the same day …I suddenly thought …how amazing when the butterfly landed on me though ..I love butterflies

  31. Hey I was sitting on my steps smoking a cigarette and a lil butterfly it didn’t look very old landed on my hand and I believe it was a monarch and it wouldn’t fly away whenever I would move so i got up and went showed my mom and it was still on me it never budged and then I went to my room and took pictures of it with my phone and it still didn’t fly away so I went back out to sit on the porch swing and it stayed on then all of a sudden it flew away I really felt the joy that it was making feel loved every min of it

  32. 05/04/2017 I went outside to let my dogs use the bathroom. As I was standing there, a small monarch butterfly landed on my chest. As I watched it scurry around on me for a minute, it flew up to my right shoulder. It then flew off and landed back on my chest again. The weird thing this time is that while I was looking at it, it was seriously looking back at me. Its body wasn’t completely facing me but it had its head turned looking at me. Like we connected eye to eye. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional and financial hardships, but while that butterfly was there, it all disappeared. I was even able to put my finger up to it and it crawled up onto my finger.

  33. I cannot forget my encounter to a butterfly in the park. I saw coming and land in my foot then fly then come again. She did it three times. Second time she land in my foit i said oh wow do you want what im eating? So i cut a piece then put it besides me. She flew and come back again for the 3rd time. Im really amaze and surprise. Coz 3 times. I dont know what it meant

  34. My Husband and I were walking down the street to our apartment when all of a sudden this Brown butterfly with blue spots on it started flying in front of my path. Now normally when they fly close to me I panic and run away, but I was calm this time and stopped and watched it fly infront of me. As it was flying towards me the butterfly lands on my left upper arm near my shoulder. My husband and I continued walking home and the butterfly stayed there the entire time, but this other amazing action happened. My husband said sweetheart you sure it’s not a moth and I looked at the butterfly and asked it this question: Hey, Are You A Butterfly? So , we was just about reaching the porch at our apartment and as I looked down at my left arm again the Butterfly had flapped down its wings and spread them out to show me that it was Indeed a BUTTERFLY AND NOT A MOTH. I was simply amazed at it’s response. I even got scared as I shewed away a bumblebee flying near my ear and the butterfly never budged. As we arrived on our porch at our apartment, I had to get my husband to scoop it off and it flew straight to the tree across the street from our door. I was so happy and joyful that I was so calm the whole time. Since that day I’ve been seeing bright yellow and bright pink and bright green butterflies. Thanks for letting me share my story with all of you. GOD BLESS!

  35. My youngest granddaughter and I have a visit every evening for about two months. We sit on our back deck and she comes and sits on top of our head and suns on the deck . My granddaughter said that’s our butterfly right Granny. And I say yes it’s crazy but brings us so much joy it’s a monarch butterfly and as a child I in school I did a report on them and have always loved them. It’s such a cool way to be able to now share this with my granddaughter.

  36. Yesterday, 8/21/17, myself and two friends were setting on my boat on the Potomac river, watching the eclipse, about a third of the way into the eclipse a monarch butterfly flew into the boat,I put out my hand and he landed on my finger,he flew away three different times and kept coming back and landing on my hand,he acted so tame,at one point I brought him to my face and kissed him on the wings,it stayed with me until the eclipse was over, then he just flew away.Last Oct.my dad passed away at 92 years old,he loved coming to the river on the weekends,we have been going to the river since 1961 when I was 11,I have missed him so much ths summer,so hard to get used to,I think he came to visit me yesterday!

  37. It was a Blue Butterfly 🦋🦋🦋 that landed on my right side…. could that have been my father saying all is well and it’s okay to sell the house!!!

  38. I came outside to sit and smoke a cigar in m front yard/driveway n a butterfly was flying around now mind its been in the front flying around… I sat in my chair to smoke my cigar n play pool on my phone and the butterfly came out of no where a landed on my thumb.. So i got scared n try to blow him/her of my thumb n it wouldn’t fly off so I tried to shake it off n it wouldn’t fly off.. After i stopped trying it just flew off me… Lol the whole time i was scared lol.. It was the most beautiful thing that even happened to me…

  39. I’ve always considered myself in touch with nature. A bit about me: astral tralver, psyche, magik, animal whispering. I’m outside and a butterfly lands on my arm it stayed with me for 15 mins my neighbor was watching me and came when the butterfly leaves and asked how did I do that then I explained who and what I represent he left. Now it’s a regular butterfly hwy on my porch I see so many different ones and I’m wondering if they are coming to see me. 10 has passed through in the middle of me writing this…

  40. Today I got the news that my grandmother is really unwell and instructed to return home asap. When I was waiting for the train at the station a butterfly landed on me. But it seemed for some reason it was struggling so after I lifted it up from my lap and put it on a plain surface it tried to fly away and fell. I didn’t see it again. And also I’m having problems with my family and I’m emotionally exhausted. I didn’t want to come home but for my granma I had to. So does it mean anything?

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