What is the Symbolic Meaning of Moths?

Have you ever had a moth act a little bit unusual around you? Perhaps they are drawn to you, or constantly appear when your mood changes? What is the symbolic meaning?


Moth symbolism relates to various spiritual meanings that experts believe are relevant when you encounter moths repeatedly (e.g 3-4 times in a week) or when they are particularly friendly around you. We’ll tackle the various explanations of moth symbolism, and what messages they are trying to convey.


Moths mean intuition

As we found in what moths commonly symbolise, their behaviors have proved difficult for scientists to explain in reason. As a result, moths have a close symbolic connection with intuition.


If you’re constantly having encounters with moths, you may need to sit back and review a life decision from a new perspective. Are you thinking too much about the destinations before undertaking the journey? The constant presence of moths should lead you to think with gut other than second-guessing yourself. Taking emotional attachment out of decisions and be neutral often assists here too.


Moths in Dreams

A constant message or symbol in your dreams could mean that you are receiving guidance from your guide in the spiritual domain. There can be several meanings when it comes to seeing moths in dreams, with this largely depending on the context of the situation, the type of moth and your interaction with it.


To make sense of these dreams we recommend having a read of our in-depth guide to moths in dreams.


Don’t be Materialistic

Many concepts of moth symbolism have grown out of their nocturnal behavior and attraction to the light. Cultures have often connected this back to the idea that a moth’s focus on light relate to effectiveness, humility and efficiency. They cite that a moth encounter may be telling us to shy away from confrontation and keep focused on the end goal, or the bigger picture.


This can also be tied back to abstaining from obsessing over material goods. There’s no need to be materialistic for a moth, they have one focus and this isn’t hindered by possessions. All you need is a light to guide you!


Moths bring you security and reaffirm the importance of trusting your intuition, regardless of what others think.

Mood Swings and Moths

The energy of the moon affects people in differing ways. If you constantly find yourself having changes in mood that happen almost sporadically, you share something in common with moths: you’re sensitive to lunar energy!


Does your body and emotions react to the phases of the moon? This is commonly experienced in the presence of a full moon, which can often cause a depressed mood that is difficult to rationalise.


Moths fall into the same boat, with their sensitivity and attraction to the moon being their sole purpose in life. This plays back into intuition – the sign of a moth should force you to stop and think from a more instinctual perspective.




Moths are incredibly sensitive creatures. They are known for having incredibly acute hearing, with their wings allowing them to hear higher frequencies and even sense vibrations surrounding them.


This is symbolic with two main spiritual meanings with humans: the unspoken and sensitivity. It’s a sign that we should be considering not only what is being spoken but that which is unspoken, and what underlying messages may be present in our conversations and relationships. Body language is a key sign here, so it is recommended to closely observe how those around us are acting.


Are you sensitive to others, or perhaps present a severe lack of sensitivity? This also comes back to rethinking a situation through intuition. As you can see, the spiritual meanings of moths are intertwined and follow very similar concepts.


Spiritual Warning


Moths and their connection to blind faith have been observed in previous posts, and the presence of moth should serve as a warning to be vigilant. Don’t fall into a decision without considering things from a range of perspectives, and use intuition when things get complicated.


Moths reminds us to always prepare yourself for any situation, and keep on your toes.




The spiritual meaning of moths varies between cultures, and last year’s swarms of giant moths in Malaysia had many citizens curious of what they symbolised.


The common consensus was that a moth inside your home was a sign that someone was visiting, touching back on old myths that moths represented departed loved ones. There are numerous recollections on this on the Experience Collective that fuel this spiritual meaning


Do you know of other moth symbolic meanings? Comment below and we’ll look into them!







32 thoughts on “What is the Symbolic Meaning of Moths?”

  1. I had a most bizarre experience today. I heard the front door of my home open, and startled I came through the house to see the locked door standing wide open and the largest brown moth I have ever seen flying around in the fourier. I have been in a very strange mood for the past couple of days, emotional and anxious. I’m just wondering if was a sign, a spirit visiting, or what. I would love to know anyone’s opinions. Thanks for any and all.
    Jon Vance
    Galveston, Tx.

    1. What’s so weird ..I’m at work looking at this big, fat, brown moth. First thought it was a butterfly until research. This is the second moth in 3 days Ive seen.
      What is really going on?

    2. For me, big black moths bring tragedies and deaths. Everytime. I recently dreamt of a large gold luna moth. In my dream they called it a seven. After researching i found that when they mature they only live a week.. hope tbis helps

  2. I was just watching the horror movie “The Possession”, and saw that a common symbol during each of the possession scenes that there was always a moth… Is there a more sinister theme the moth symbolizes, or what?

  3. I just had a rather strange experience with a brown colored moth a few moments ago…I was outside and a brown moth came flying around me almost frantically, it followed me when I walked around and even stayed by the screen door for a while when I went inside. So of course I had to Google it, and ended up here! I have been feeling very out of sorts lately and more anxious than usual. Reading this article helped put things more into perspective. I should mention this happened around 4:00 pm and I had a moonstone in my pocket.

  4. i guess all this about moth are true, me being bothered about Making a decision, because i have always been with doubthful mind about my present position, mayb i shuld just quiet, suddenly at night the door was mistakingly opened, me sitting down busy wit chat, and this friendly of a butterfly came in, I was like what rubbish and feel annoyed so i went after it and struggle to kill it abt 5min, at d end i did killed it, then i sat down and think abt it then make a goggle search about name of a butterfly at night, now i end up knowing the name, which i also end up here and seeing similar things to my. Knowing about all this, am sad killing it.

  5. I have had 2 different types of moths in the last couple of days come and stay by my door. Not sure what this means but it’s got to mean something it’s just too bizarre. I had actually free the last one from a bag of potting soil when it landed on the sidewalk my cat try to eat it I took it out of his mouth. It flew off and the next morning it was back by my door it’s big and beautiful and black and white and grey.

    1. Hello Paula, Moths are very timid
      and sensitive you may look at the situation differently they may be in your presents to enlighten you. So if things seem little misplaced around you then is is time to settle down and take time out for yourself. They draw toward sensitive people like them selves but sometimes they may carry a subtle spirit with them as a loving and one protective one. Then sometimes you may have a unexpected visitor but any way use your tuition and watch for certain things that are happening
      Around you.

  6. On Sunday evening we had a really heavy downpour and when going to run a bath i saw a yellow moth on the edge of the bath. I’ve checked wich one it is and it’s a Brimstone moth, supposed to be common but the first time i’ve seen one. It was wet so i helped dry it with tissue as best as possible and not to damage it’s wings and put it onto my Spider plant to recover. In the morning i found it near the bath on the wall. I encouraged it onto my hand and let it fly out the window. I felt good that i saved it! Was i being visited?

  7. I was leaving on a Sunday morning to attend service. I dont normally go out the front door. I encountered a very beautiful lime green luna moth. When i returened it was gone. The next morning as i prepared myself to go for a walk. The luna moth was back. Whats up with that , should i be worried.

  8. Just today, upon waking up, I noticed on my bedroom ceiling a white moth. It was stationary, and its wings were open as wide as possible. I honestly thought it was dead or had died some time during the previous evening. I gently blew on it and the wings moved slightly, the moth itself didn’t. A family member had told me that our cat had been chasing it the previous evening. It took refuge in my bedroom. I went to get one of the cat’s feather toys to nudge it. It flew off quickly. I managed to catch it in a bathroom cup and it was released out an open bathroom window. It flew off once outside in the open air. I’m glad it hadn’t died or was injured and that it has its freedom again. But…now I’m wondering what its visit to me meant. I recently had a death in the family and I’ve also been sick with an undiagnosed illness for a couple years now. (Doctors here can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with me. Tests come back “normal”.) I’m hoping the white moth meant good things are coming. I sure could use some good news.

  9. Everything is connected, I am very pleased to read this. I have had a medium sized white moth only appear when I am in the room, per my husband, the moth is for me. I feel better, second guessing my self has always been an issue. Thanks for this information,
    Goddess Bless

  10. I just had an amazing experience, this moth, while I was frantically sorting out art coursework, simply began sitting on my desk, flitting around, before stopping still and sitting on my palm, I was on a Face call with a friend, and I showed him the moth with no problems, moving my hand or anything, it was simply content to sit with me, it flew off later, but about an hour passed, and it came back, floating infront of my face, flitting about my body before landing on my chest, walking along my arm and onto my hand again. It felt very calming and peaceful. I loved it

  11. I too had an experience with a moth last night bright yellow and hit of brown thro it .. flew in house twice got it out twice , I need to get a boiler smaller .. I never worry I just go and do it ,, So maybe that lovely moth was my reason for not going .. but i will today …


  13. I found a moth when I came into work and made sure it flew out the window. A few minutes later that same moth came back in! I knew there was a meaning to it but I didnt look it up. Then another few minutes passed by and somehow a moth three times the size appeared right on my window trying to fly out! I’m in the middle of making a decision to work less hours so I can have time for myself. Hmmm and I’m posting this at 11:11 OMG okay I just saw two more moths in here!!

  14. A few minutes ago, two moths flew into my room while i had my window open for a cigarette. One is a pale color and the other is a darker brown, both are pretty big. They each landed on separate walls of the room in the exact same position. I just came into my room after having a really intense and emotional conversarion with my mom (hence the need for a cigarette). I just dont know if it means anything or not, i mean all of the things ive read on here seem to corrolate well with how ive been feeling lately, and even the subject me and my mom were discussing. Theyre still sitting in here, theyre very calming and admireable, its like theyre working together.

  15. Came for a crusade in my church, we used the stadium, it’s sunny and dusty and I have been troubled lately as regards making a major decision that will either make or ruin me. Stood staring into thin air and suddenly felt something crawl up my leg, it was a grey and black moth with some red patches. I picked it up and played with it, it didn’t fly off my hand until much later… less than 5minuites later a grey one landed on my chest close to my neck and didn’t move. Felt really great.

    1. Can we get an update? I’ve been worried about a business decision that would make or break me. But this morning, I had a moth fly on me in a county building. Not once, but twice. I tried to let it outside but it kept flying off of my paper. Then I just left it there and a man walked by and squished him. It was a gray mouth with black on the wings. I felt a little peace after it landed on me. It was so cute… What could this possibly mean?

  16. there are times when i see a moth flying around outside my living room window at night and then the next day there is Breaking News that someone famous died…

  17. The tiniest little moth just followed me all the way into my room, maybe about 500ft. Its just mounted in my sofa, I don’t know if it means anything, but I’m waiting for something amazing to happen. Wish me luck .

  18. The moth in my dream was 3 winged. It was black with bright blue spots. It was covering my face my mouth in particular. But I could still speak. I couldn’t get it off. What does this mean.

  19. I’ve been in the weirdest mood, and have been feeling dizzy for the past week, which has made me even feel weirder. I’ve been seeing dead and alive moths for the past month and a half. At work, on the street inside my car etc.
    Yesterday I came back from work and a light brown moth was on the ceiling (made me very anxious) I don’t like them very much, while I was deep asleep it woke me up with a very loud buzzing sound. Followed it around until I put it in a box and let it out in the balcony. Today just right now happened the same thing this one was black, so I put it in a box and let it out on the balcony.
    I decided to look up the meaning… and found all of this. I let you know what happened… I know there is a very specific message.

  20. I got news my Dad was at the end of his life, I stayed at his care home for 5 days until he passed away then with family for 3 more nights after he died to arrange the funeral.When I eventually got back to my own house 8 days later ( which is 30 miles away ) a huge dark moth came flying towards me from a bag I keep for recycling paper and plastic.At this point I didn’t know what it was, I was terrified.It circled my head a few times then frantically rested above a picture of my Dad on the wall.My heart was racing. I shouted out “if that’s you Dad, please come back but not as a moth” Another one appeared (from nowhere) the two flew together in circles then rested on another wall or far from one another.The following morning the larger one was nowhere to be seen yet the slightly smaller one flighted around my kitchen ( I thought of the 2nd one being my mum who died 12 years ago).I then discovered the larger one was resting on my bedroom carpet whilst the smaller one rested in the kitchen.Dads funeral was 9 days after he passed away.I was cleaning the kitchen window sill when I noticed the small one was dead but attached to the cloth, then I wondered about the larger one.It was still on my carpet.. I touched it (nervously) …it turned to dust! That was the day after the funeral.

  21. There was a picture of this Large Beautiful Brown moth that I came across the other day, in this 8 by 8 frame and today September 22 a Beautiful Yellow moth stuck to my front door for hours At one point I went back to check on it and noticed a lizard trying to attack it So I put it in a tree and it didn’t like that at all. It kept falling to the ground. So then I brought it into my screen enclosure and it rested for 5 minutes anf flew up on my house speaker near my back door. At that point I made a decision that it probably needed to rest from the Rain we had earlier so I was able to catch it once again and set it free. What an unusual color Yellow with gold spots. What do you think the message was.

    Joannea Mansoor

  22. I was on the backyard, as I was coming inside the house this giant moth crossed my path. It landed on the grass it was injured a leg was missing. I called my daughter outside and we’re taking pictures. She video tape the moth and about a minute later we saw it die. What does this all mean?

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