White Moth Symbolism

Although many of our moth symbolism is of positive connotations, there are considerably less optimistic meanings to encounters with a white moth.

Not for the faint-hearted, it is very difficult to find a white moth that expresses anything less than a negative. At least from a symbolic perspective! If you’ve seen a white moth, here’s a few thoughts into what it symbolises.

The White Moth Symbolises Death

I warned you that this wasn’t for the faint hearted!

Across a range of different cultures,  most notably Latin culture, the presence of a moth in a room of your house could represent the immenent death of a loved one.

This is also in many cultures to represent incurable illness. As a result of this, it is dealt with great stress and apprehension to be in the presence of a white moth.

White Moth Symbolism and Souls

In Asian cultures, we often hear of the white moth representing the soul of a loved one. The owner of the soul varies between traditions however, with the Japanese believing it to be the soul of a living being. Conversely, ancient Chinese texts have stated the white moth symbolised a deceased soul.

This is not exclusive to Asian Culture though. Jamaicans consider the white moth to be a soul that is disrupted and not at rest. They believe this lost soul presents itself to say one final goodbye.


The colour white is synonymous with purity across almost all cultures. In this same vain white moths are often considered to symbolise purity, truth and cleanliness.

Superstitions individuals often combine this symbolism to consider white moths to represent a pure, cleansed soul. In this sense it is considered a blessing.


Ill Wishes

White moths are believed to pervay individuals with unrequited misfortune and ill wishes. The white moth is one of the most commonly referenced symbols when dream readers mention signs of bad luck and ill omens.


As they are also considered the souls of loved ones, it is considered very bad luck to kill a white moth, as it is with any moth that you encounter.


Do you have anything to add to our list of white moth symbolism? Comment below and we’ll see what we can find for you..

7 thoughts on “White Moth Symbolism”

  1. I dreamt of myself waking up to pieces of a white moth on my pillow and a weird texture in my mouth. I had a strong feeling that I swallowed one in my sleep. It felt so real and I was trying to keep calm, by convincing myself that it happens and I’ll be ok. Then I woke up.

    1. My dream was similar. I saw dust falling from my ceiling fan and then on my pillow were pieces of moth and it was dying…Then I saw what I thought was a bug but it turned out to be a white mouse. I saw what it was after trying to spray it with raid but of course it failed. It made the white mouse weak but not dead.

  2. Today at a grave yard at apx. 2:30 we encountered a large white moth, alive and yet mangled at a time stone. It was rather disturbing as it kept going around in circles. What could this symbolize ?

  3. Okay so I was sitting in my room when a huge white moth flew from the outside of my window, in normally scared of bugs and I don’t particularly like moths but this one was just staring right at me. I got out my camera and started to recored. I said if you can understand me wave and it did three times each as I said it what does this mean ..?

  4. So I saw a white moth after challenging a big fear with someone I been liking for 3 years, it flew right between us, and faced his direction

  5. My ex was murder and miss him like crazy and to day I see a white moth on my door. Was not able to see him at his funeral….

  6. I saw a really small white moth in my bathroom. My Dad passed last year, but my son is sick right now. I’ve read all the varying beliefs and, honestly, I’m worried. It may seem silly to some, but why take a chance? There are lots of things we can’t explain. Somebody, anybody have a take on this?

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